Executive Leadership Training with Karen Mozes

[slide-left]WHAT IS TEAM CLIMATE CHANGE®?[/slide-left]

Team Climate Change® focuses on an individual’s unique Skills, Values and Vision, while integrating Universal Leadership Principles and Qualities.

I believe that every single one of us has greater potential for leadership than we are currently aware or able to bring forth. 

Leadership, under this training, is assumed to be 

...an individual’s way of being and acting, as their natural self-expression, in any given situation.

For this reason, rules are replaced by opportunities for self inquiry, giving participants access to intuitive responses that propel them, and others, toward greater performance. 

Leaders coming out of this course have demonstrated over and over again that in order to effectively serve others and create positive change one must learn the necessary skills to overcome challenges, persuade large audiences, build strong teams and above all see opportunities where others do not.

Karen challenged my perception and understanding of self worth; coaching me on developing a better alignment with my vision and goals. I am grateful that I had the chance to spend 3 months focusing on my personal growth which translates into better leadership skills and ultimately a better more productive, more enriching work environment. I highly recommend Karen’s Team Climate Change Program.The program certainly exceeded my expectations.
— Carlos Posada, Principal, Gensler Los Angeles

[slide-right]WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT TO GET OUT OF THE PROGRAM?[/slide-right]

The main outcomes of the program, based on actual results, are:

  • greater sense of autonomy and accountability
  • ability to effectively give and receive feedback 
  • substantial improvement in communication
  • immediate increase in personal and team performance
  • clarity of vision and the skills to effectively bring others into the same vision
  • improved negotiation skills, due to an improved sense of self-worth and confidence
  • substantial improvement in public speaking skills
  • courage and commitment to step into higher level roles
  • increased self-esteem, due to the program’s strong emphasis on personal responsibility and integrity

Participants leave inspired and inspiring to others. Their commitment to stay in integrity and to self-express becomes a magnet to those around them. Their clarity of vision and purpose is contagious, motivating people to take actions they believed they could never do. 

Karen’s insights and guidance during a turbulent period of questioning and searching in my professional life were instrumental in my courage to make a major change.
— Frances Moore, Principal SmithGroup JJR
Karen’s expertise has been essential in helping Verdani’s business emerge into reality. Karen has helped me get complete clarity about my own vision for the company, what are my ideal clients and what services will help me support these clients. Karen is professional, hardworking, smart, knowledgeable, practical, responsive, detailed oriented, and extremely creative. Karen will continue to be an integral part of our team as we grow, supporting all of our communication and leadership needs.
— Daniele Horton, Founder and CEO Verdani Partners San Diego

At the end of this training, leadership becomes the participants’ natural self-expression, preparing them to tackle the challenges and responsibilities of any role.

If you have enrolled in leadership courses before, this course will help you to enhance your skills further, and provide brand new insights. If you have never taken a leadership course before, then brace yourself because this will bring you to a whole new level of performance and achievement.

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Capable executives and professionals who are ready to step-up their game and take on greater roles and responsibilities

This online training is absolutely for you, if you know you want to step into higher level roles and responsibilities. This training will give you the skills necessary.  Even if you feel like you are ready, but cannot figure out why the opportunity isn't showing up for you, the course will help you overcome the hidden mindset that might be keeping you stuck.

Passionate entrepreneurs and employees who want to make a positive impact in the world and leave their positive mark

Whether you are on track to living your dream life and fulfilling your vision of creating positive and lasting change, or not quite there yet, this program will help you. You will solidify your vision and learn specifically how to inspire others to follow and support you on this vision. You will also acquire the skills to motivate action and stay focused on your true course.

Ambitious new and seasoned professionals with a burning desire to share a message and follow a dream

If you have a yearning to spread your message and create a positive impact but do not know how to reach the masses, this program will get you there. It will also teach you exactly how to send your message in powerful and inspiring ways.

[slide-right]Here is a synopses of this 12-week online course:[/slide-right]

  • You will learn the single and most important tool to increasing your personal efficiency and the workability of your business and team. This alone has proven to return over 300% in the investment of the program cost in organizations nationwide,
  • You will learn the three golden rules of leadership, making you an essential asset in any company,
  • You will uncover and then learn to remove the exact mental constructs that have placed a cap in your achievements and success,
  • You will have a few powerful communication tools that you can use anytime, anywhere, to resolve conflicts and help teams get on the same page, always!
  • I will cover 10 universal principles that will be your leadership toolkit, helping you to make quicker and wiser decisions,
  • I will also cover the 6 mental faculties to exponentially increase your potential for success,
  • You will get access to a three step process to generating new ideas and then moving them into action,
  • You will learn how to create greater balance in your life,
  • You will see that there is always an opportunity where others may only see obstacles and challenges,
  • And, at the end, you will have total self-assurance that you can do whatever you want, now!

[fade]Curious, but not 100% sure?[/fade]

With where I am in my career and with the transition to the role I am now in, Karen’s coaching couldn’t have come at a better time. I became much more aware of leadership attributes, skills, and strategies that will not only make me better but will allow me to better lead our office.
— Jon Gambrill, Principal and Managing Director Gensler Denver

This program helped me reset my priorities and find a new center. Thank you Karen, for your insights and recognizing where I was straying from focusing on my own priorities and even helping me set new ones for where I’m at today. I feel really energized that I’m on a new road to discovery rather than in the rat race I found myself in a few months ago.
— Lisa Kong, Senior Associate Gensler Los Angeles

Participating in the program was a tremendous growth opportunity for me. When we began the program, we had the goal of improving how our leadership team worked together. Along these lines, I learned valuable tools for improving my listening skills, giving and receiving feedback, and offering gratitude to others. What I didn’t anticipate was how much I would grow on a personal level. I learned a great deal about myself and gained much needed clarity on my goals and dreams. I feel more confident as a leader and as a person!

I had probably been stuck in a place of fear of change for a very long time. Over the course of six months, Karen helped me confront the things in me that make it hard to move, to face them and push myself to do something valuable. Over the next few months, I am taking my company to new places, to daring and innovative new places still with a little fear, but with a lot more excitement. Karen gently guided me to making changes, to being honest and to being brave. I’m excited for the future. Very excited.
— Chris Hauck, CEO Lynx Research Boulder

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After completing this course, you will be eligible to train with me, to become a leadership coach in organizations. If you have ever dreamed of doing this type of work, but had no idea how to get started, this will be your chance. I will only accept 20 leadership coaches trainees who have demonstrated their commitment to the principles taught and that are interested in spreading this powerful program. Selected trainees can expect to generate between $120,000 and $160,000 in the first year delivering this program, and then much higher income thereafter. Above all, you can expect to live a truly spectacular life with this most fulfilling career. 

If you think you might be interested in running leadership trainings as an addition to your day-job or full-time, you must first enroll in the Team Climate Change® Online Course to qualify: